Inmoweb panel: First steps guide

If you have just hired our services and you are going to access your CRM for the first time, you probably have some questions about how to start working with the Inmoweb panel.
In this introductory guide we will provide you with some practical tips, key instructions and useful links as well, which will help you to quickly familiarize yourself with the main functions of the Inmoweb panel.

First access to the Inmoweb panel

To access the Inmoweb panel you must go to Once you are on the access page, you will have to enter three elements: domain, email and password. When it comes to your first access to the Inmoweb panel, you will have to generate or create a password by clicking on the «¿Olvidó su contraseña?» button. Enter your domain and the email account provided during the hiring and click on Recuperar.

The domain is the address of your Inmoweb website. If you have not yet made a domain change, your Inmoweb website will be assigned a temporary domain with the format (XXXXX refers to the five numbers which correspond to each customer).

You will receive an email with a link to create a new password. Click on the link and enter the data required. The password must contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number and one special character. The password must consist of a minimum of eight characters, being able to reach a maximum of twelve.

From the access page to the Inmoweb panel you can select the language of the panel and its menus. Currently, the panel is available both in Spanish and English.

How can I access the Inmoweb panel?

Password recovery

Following the same way you created the password, you can recover it whenever it would be necessary. You can do this from the access page, which is If you ever forget your password, tap on «¿Olvidó su contraseña?» and enter your domain and email account.

This feature is available for the administrator agent and for any other agent registered in the Inmoweb panel. It is important to take into account that the email which needs to be introduced will be the individual and unique email that the administrator agent has assigned to each different agent when creating them. It will be in that email where every agent will receive the link to reset the password.

If you are not the administrator agent and you are not sure of your email address, ask the administrator agent to check it from the menu «Administration» > «Agents > «View agents».

How can I recover the Inmoweb panel password?

How can I modify the password of the Inmoweb panel?

Recovering password in order to access the Inmoweb panel

How to request technical support

Depending on the plan you are currently enjoying, you will have written support (ONE) or written and telephone support (PRO and GOLD).

If your plan includes telephone support, you can contact us for any question, query or clarification by calling the 91 217 46 68.

If you wish to contact us by writing, or your plan does not include telephone support, you can do so by just creating a support ticket from the first aid kit icon located at the top right of your panel.

How can I request help or send a support query?

Written contact with technical support

Creating a property

If you want to create or register a new property, you are able to do it from the menu «Properties» > «New property».

An empty form will be displayed for the agent to fill in the fields. Once the property page has been created, you will be able to upload the photographs or pictures.

How can I register or create a property?

How can I upload photos or pictures to a property?

Properties references, automatic or manual references?

Access to Properties > New property

Creating a contact

In order to create your first contact, go to “Contacts” > “New Contact”. Fill in the details of your contact (customer, owner, generic contact, etc) and then press «Save». You can see and manage all your contacts from the menu «Contacts» > «List all».

How can I create a contact?

Access to Contacts > New Contact
When you have already created your customer contact, you will be able to create a demand for the crossing of opportunities between the customer and the properties you have registered in your panel.

Choosing a template for your website

Choose the standard template you like the most for your website. You have 10 different series, each one in 23 colors. When you access your website for the first time, you will see a template that we have placed by default. You can change it to the one you like the most for free and as many times as you want. You can do this from the menu «Web» > «Web template» > “Change my web template”.

How can I change my Inmoweb website template?

Access to change the website template

Uploading logos and what each one is used for

Logos or logotypes are essential elements to get the most out of the functions and possibilities of your Inmoweb panel and of your website. To access the logo management, go to the menu “Web” > “Logos” > “Configuration”.

It is important to upload all types of logos, meeting the requirements of each one, in order to fully access all the features offered by the Inmoweb services.

How can I change my website logo?

Uploading different type of logos to your panel and website
Remember that the accepted format is PNG. The logo image must be adjusted to the width and height defined in the design of your web page, otherwise, it won’t be displayed correctly. The uploaded logos cannot be deleted, they can only be replaced by new ones.

How to modify the contact information on my website and locate my agency on the map

The data and contact information of your real estate agency are a very important factor to take into account, since they constitute the gateway for your clients. Your Inmoweb website will show the contact details assigned to your main branch.

Inmoweb works with branches/offices, so your website can show the contact details of one or more branches. However, you must bear in mind that the main contact details of your website correspond to the details of your main branch.

To modify the contact details of your main branch, access the menu «Administration» > «Branches» > «View branches». Locate your main branch and click Modify to edit it. From Inmoweb, we deliver the panel with a previously created branch. This branch is your main branch by default and contains the data you provided us during the hiring. It is highly recommended that you check and change it according to your needs.

Access to branches

From this option, you can also locate your agency on the map. If you add the address of your office and mark the exact location on the map, by clicking on it with the mouse, when you save the changes, the contact information will be updated and a map with the marked location will be displayed in the Contact section of your web page.

Location on the map of the branch

How can I change the contact information from my website?

How can I locate my branch or office in the map in my website contact section?

Activating the website

We deliver your web page deactivated. You can make it available to the public when you have it ready. In this way, you will be able to customize your contact information and your menu, choose the template that you like the most and add your properties portfolio before making it available to your customers. When you access your website for the first time, you will see a blue screen with your contact information and a message which indicates it’s currently out of service.

To enable it and make it available to your customers, go to «Web» > «Status». You will see that the expression «In maintenance» appears in red. Press “Settings”. Activate it by clicking on the gray circular icon. It will turn green.

How can I enable my website online and open to the public?

Web status
Icon to enable the website

Creating agents and about simultaneous access

The agents are the people who will have access to your Inmoweb management panel. The administrator agent, as its name indicates, is the administrator and the first agent to be created in the Inmoweb panel. This agent has all the available permissions and is the only agent capable of registering or creating other agents or email accounts, as well as the only one capable of selecting the web page template, among other functions.

The administrator agent is created from the data provided by the client during the hiring and is available from the very first access to the panel.

The number of agents that can be registered on the panel varies depending on the hired plan. The ONE plan includes only the administrator agent, while with the PRO and GOLD plans you are able to create up to 5 and 30 agents, respectively in each one. You can see the characteristics and services offered of all our plans at

IMPORTANT: Simultaneous access of two people with the same agent is not allowed. If two or more people from your agency are going to access the Inmoweb panel at the same time, they must do so with two or more different agents. Otherwise, the person who accesses later will cause the disconnection of the person who was already connected to the panel.

To create or register an agent, go to the menu «Administration» > «Agents» > «View agents». From this page you can create new agents and modify or delete already existing agents. When creating or modifying an agent, you can assign it a certain level of permissions, depending on the power you want it to have in your Inmoweb panel. On the right side of the screen, under the title Available access levels, you will see the permissions for each category. 

Access to creation and viewing of agents
New agent

How can I manage agents?

How are the different agent permissions managed?

Automatic translation with DeepL

The texts present in your Inmoweb panel, such as titles and descriptions associated with properties, sections of the website or other elements, must be entered in other languages manually. To save time and effort, as an Inmoweb customer you have the automatic translation feature at your complete disposal.

Automatic translation is a text translation service between different languages, which is available in your Inmoweb panel. The main objective of this function is to provide Inmoweb agencies with an easy and simple way to offer their properties in different international markets.

Thanks to the collaboration between Inmoweb and DeepL, you will be able to automatically translate, with just one click and without leaving the current tab, some of the texts from your Inmoweb panel. DeepL’s revolutionary technology, based on AI (artificial intelligence), generates an unmatched translation quality. The service offered by DeepL already has more than one billion users.

IMPORTANT: Inmoweb is not responsible for the quality of the translations. Our team has chosen what we currently consider the best provider regarding this kind of feature.

In order to enjoy this functionality, it will be necessary to access the Inmoweb panel as an administrator agent or as an agent who meets the necessary requirements. It is necessary to have the proper translation credits as well.

And what about the translation credits? Well, they are the bargaining chip or fuel for automatic translation. Each credit is equivalent to one character to translate, since the translation system is based on the number of characters to translate from an original text.

You are able to add more credits whenever you want or need from the Inmoweb Store. You can also check your current balance for translations at any time from the menu “Administration” > “Credits” > “View” > “Automatic Translation Credits”. This option is only available for the Administrator agent.

Automatic translation

Access to Credits
Credit history

Change of temporary domain to definitive domain

The Inmoweb service you have hired has been installed in a temporary domain, waiting for you to communicate Inmoweb the final domain you want to use in your Inmoweb panel and your website.

This domain can be a domain which you already have registered or a new domain which you are planning to register. You can register it on your own or host it with Inmoweb. Before requesting the domain registration with Inmoweb, check the domain registration and maintenance fees with the Inmoweb technical support department.

If you register the domain through Inmoweb, we will take care of setting up all the services and you will not have to perform any type of action. On the other hand, if you register the domain with another company, you will have to modify the DNS or CNAME records by yourself (according to the instructions that will be sent to you from the technical support department) or ask your domain company to make the proper changes.

Do not worry, because modifying the DNS or CNAME records of a domain is a very common procedure that should not offer any difficulty. Besides, the technical support department will provide you with all the information and instructions needed.

You must send a technical support query indicating the final domain you want to use. Let us know if you will use the email service offered by Inmoweb, in case your plan includes it, or if you already have an email service with your current supplier and you prefer keeping it with them.